Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day

Last week was full of celebration.  Eddie graduated with his MBA and turned 32 on the same day, and I celebrated my first Mother’s Day!  Now that I’m a mother, this holiday means so much more to me than any other holiday because it’s something that I have to work for – to earn—everyday.

I spent nine months carrying James – avoiding sushi, Subway, soft cheeses and caffeine. I scrutinized over what to eat, what to buy, and how to prepare for our new baby.  I fought to stay awake while learning the ins and outs of various drugs in class and endured months of backaches – and of course lots of weight gain. I went through days of labor (without that ever-so-popular epidural) and in those first weeks spent countless hours in the neonatal ICU watching over James. But was it worth it – so VERY worth it!

Baby James is worth every bit of discomfort and frustration. His smile with two bottom baby teeth is worth it – his big belly that seems more and more like a bottomless pit everyday is worth it, his little baby fat rolls that make his arms and legs somewhat resemble a balloon animal—worth it, his giggles, his snoring, his ticklish spots – and even his tears, his diapers, his ever-present runny nose---they’re all worth. Throughout this first year as a mom I spent each day wondering which of his “firsts” might come – the first rollover, first tooth, or the first chuckle.  Every day was, and is, like Christmas Eve, waiting to see what Santa brings. I’m the luckiest person alive to have such a wonderful family.

As a child, Mother’s Day was a day to honor my mother (usually with a little help from Dad).  Now as a mother, I think Mother’s Day is even more of a celebration of James – a life that I hope to forever mold and must always protect.

(Pictures of Eddie's graduation to be posted soon)