Sunday, September 18, 2011

James Busts A Move

James started walking about a month ago. 

Since then we've charted some very unfamiliar territory and the world of parenthood has gotten much more interesting to say the least.  For example, about 2 days after James learned that putting one foot in front of the other produced a really cool bipedal movement, he discovered that lifting one knee onto a sturdy (sturdy may be questionable in some cases) object followed by several strenuous grunts and a lot of arm strength resulted in a climbing to new heights and looking out windows he had never seen before. 

Toilets and bathtubs have also become  new found loves for James.  While we have caught him several times just before taking "Clifford" (his red dog wub-a-nub pacifier) for a swim in the potty, I am slowly coming to the realization that one day I'm going to pull back the shower curtain two seconds too late only to hear "KURPLUNK". 

 As for the shower, that ship has already sailed.  Last week as I was drying my hair while watching James toddle through the bedroom.  Just as I was flipping my hair back up from blow drying it up-side-down for about 30 seconds (come on ladies...don't even pretend like you don't try that Cosmo Beauty Secret trick every once in a while hoping that it will actually work just that one time) I see two stride-rite shoe soles out of the corner of my eye and James using his stomach to balance on the edge of the tub while reaching in to grab good 'ol "Clifford".  I was pretty sure I was going to get the Bad Mom of the Day Award as I scrambled to get to him but was quite certain of it when he rolled (feet first thankfully) into the tub that still hadn't dried out from the morning showers.  His clothes were wet...I picked him clothes were wet, even better...but poor Clifford got the worst of the deal and had to spend the rest of the day in solitary drying out in the laundry room. 

Needless to say, I've learned a lot since James started to keep doors shut, how to dry my hair without doing the "body flip", how to put clothes on a moving target and how to keep the toilet lids down.  I'm sure James will teach us much more in the years to come and just like James, we'll take it one step at a time!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado...

Mr. James Foy busts a move!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Party like a Rockstar

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about James in the past year it’s how much he truly enjoys life.  I know it sounds corny but I’ve been staring at a blank screen for just under an hour attempting to explain it in some “cool mom” kind of way but I can’t – he finds fascination with every day and greets every morning just as enthusiastically as the one before – so there - Corny or not James just flat out enjoys life. 

So when it came to celebrating his birthday – his life – I knew I couldn’t sit back and downplay the awesome little boy he’s grown to be in such a short time.  I had to do it right.  I had to throw a party JAMES STYLE!!

His Mickey Mouse  Clubhouse Party included Mickey themed foods.
(Oreo Balls with M&Ms for "ears", Mickey Mouse shaped cookies, and a watermelon fruit basket shaped like Mickey)

My personal favorites were the life-size (life-size for James) Disney characters.  We put Mickey in James room after the party and he grins form ear to ear every morning when he sees it

Eddie and Nash

So, we go big.  I gave my best effort to try to reunite with my creative side.  And after several trips to Michaels, one Amazon purchase, a few nights that stretched into the wee hours of the morning, a lot of help from friends and family, James had an absolutely amazing birthday party that was just his style.  Our house was filled with people and noise and laughter and total craziness.  At the end of the day it was all worth it.  Every hour of tying ribbon around invitations, every Mickey Mouse shaped snack, every drink spilled and every stain from black icing – all worth it. 

I strategically gave James his cake the put the Mickey ears on...He never even noticed.

I took a quick moment to take it all in somewhere between eating cheeseburgers and singing Happy Birthday and Iooking around at the tremendous amount of happiness in the room and knowing that all of this not only celebrates the happiness James brings to us but the happiness all of our friends and family bring to James.

James and Poppie (my grandfather)

James and Grandmama

James and G-Daddy

Hanging out with Grandmama and Granna

If I could do it over again I would nix the LIFE-SIZE Mickey balloon...It's pretty scary when you wake up at 2AM to get some water and it's there to "greet" you! 

Wesley, James and Zachary

Maybe I should have sent LIFE-SIZE Mickey home with Wesley and Lauren
And though next year may prove to be less than climatic because the house won’t be at risk for floating away with a million balloons attached, we’ll still celebrate our hearts out.  Reinforcing the I’m so glad you’re here celebratory inauguration of another year – another trip around the Sun.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

James' First Trip Around the Sun

In one year, our shy boy who would never show his face during ultrasound pictures has braved a month in the NICU, 2 surgeries, numerous falls and the occasional fever. 

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

By the time James left the NICU he had the hearts of several nurses.  Kristen is the nurse holding him and his primary nurse while we were there.  We couldn't have asked for a better person to look after James than Kristen.

He confronted Thanksgiving in Georgia head on and endured moving from house to house on Christmas Day. 
Thanksgiving in Georgia.
Christmas Eve's  First Stop:  Aunt Carla's
(James and Aunt Shannon)
Next Stop: Granna's
(Grandmama Johnson and James)

Next Stop:  Granna's
(James and Grandma Johnson)

Time Out for a quick nap

After naptime it was off to Nana's

After realizing Santa's a pretty cool guy after all, it's off to Grandmama and Papa's
(James with Grandmama)

James and Papa

Then a quick stop at G-Daddy and Cici's
(James and G-Daddy)

And finally ending the day at Grandma Lane and Poppie's house.
(James, G-Daddy and CiCi)

He’s been Superman, Santa Claus, a firefighter, the Easter Bunny and Mickey Mouse. 

 Now, 365 days later, he’s finally one!  
His confidence, though beginning to take flight, is stuck tightly in his back pocket only to be pulled out when he needs it most.  
James 6 weeks

James 4 months

James 8 months
James 9 months
James 11 months

He is resourceful and perceptive,
9 months
9 months

11 & 1/2 months

6 months

2 months
funny and free-spirited,

3 months

6 months

8 months

8 months

8 months

Almost a year
and though his personality is still larger than life he grows into it a little more every day. 

James 2 & 1/2 weeks
James 3 months

James 4 months
James 5 months
James 6 months
James 8 & 1/2 months
James 9 months

James 9 months

James 11 months

James on the verge of 1 year

Some things are predictable and undeniably a part of who he will become

There is no denying how much James loves music.  The boy dances every time he hears it!

James is definitely a people watcher which is one reason he loves to go on walks with us.

If there's one thing that James enjoys more than a bath it's the swimming pool.  In no time flat James took right to ther water. (James' 1st swim)

The boy is in his element when he is outdoors.  Once he became mobile he started crawling toward doors and windows then looked at us like, "Okay, what's the deal?  When can we go outside?"

but he still willingly throws us a few surprises every so often and at the same time we smile and sigh “That’s James.”

James 9 months

James 10 months

James 10 months

So here’s to celebrating James’ first trip around the Sun and anticipating the things to come on the next trip.

James 9 months
James 6 months
(More on the Big 0-1 Birthday Party later this week).