Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons--Pucker Up!

Lately James has been learning, and reaching and finding delight in things that I never thought one could ever take pleasure in.  Such as rising with the Sun---ALWAYS rising with the Sun.  It’s like the dawn is a long lost friend that he can’t wait to reunite with and no matter what time he finally falls asleep, he’ll never let that morning sunrise pass without saying Hello. 
And because our James is such a companionable soul he chooses to share the love he has found with the dawn.  So every morning it’s James, and Mommy and Daddy all snuggled together watching the day arrive full force.  With any luck, Eddie and I experience the occasion with eyes half closed and the occasional little foot in our face.  But not our James, he’s always sitting up, eyes wide open, rocking and bouncing all at once until finally Sunlight fills the entire window and it’s time for the day to begin—ready or not. 
I wish I could approach each day with the enthusiasm James does.  I also wish I could find fascination in the smallest of things the way he does.  He isn’t bothered by what other people think or how they react, just how he feels.  James just does his own thing, whatever he finds fascinating at that moment and explores his little heart out until he’s had his fill.  I see James encounter these opportunities daily; yet rarely do I have the camera ready.  Even with the camera, I’m usually still in need of help to shoot the picture without James tumbling head first into a ravine or someone other than mommy there to save the day in case disaster strikes. 
Saturday the rare moment happened in which James found something new and was spellbound, I held my camera and there were backups on hand to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. 
We were sitting at the table when James spotted a lemon then reached for it.  To prevent him from pulling over a glass full of sweet tea trying to get his hands on his new found fascination, I just gave it to him not thinking of the consequences that would soon ensue.  It was a lemon for God’s sake…who in the world would ever take pleasure in “discovering” a lemon—just the thought of it puts my taste buds into a tail spin.  But James, our wake up smiling at the Sun, ready to stumble over his next leap forward James, took that lemon...
Bit right into it...
And Puckered Up!
Then went back for more!


  1. Jamie, these pictures are priceless! You write so well and I enjoy reading your blog so much, particularly since I am so far away and not able to be there and see him. Thank you! Love to you all, Aunt V

  2. Love it! It is funny how they like those kind of things. If he is anything like mine, he might come to like lemons. Connor loves them! LOL

  3. Hilarious. Lemons and babies are just pure comedic gold, every stinkin' time!