Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lucky Enough

One thing that I have realized since Emory rolled into town is that dressing a red head for the holidays often proves to be difficult.  While most kids are dressed in bright reds and pinks for Christmas, Valentine's Day and The 4th of July, I go on a wild goose chase trying to find something just as jolly, heart themed, or patriotic that doesn't clash with those red ringlets.  So far, we've completely gone off the mark, opting for  navy most of the time.  

Fall holidays bring woes of their own.  Pumpkins?  Nope.  That easy go-to orange jack-o-lantern t-shirt I always turned to with James is a no-go for Em.  So again, I start my search for that "festive find" early hoping to stumble upon something that represents the holiday but doesn't make her look Gothic.  

Sounds easy enough, right?  I could choose green at Christmas, a light pink will pass on Valentine's Day, mix in some red with a blue and white dress on The 4th, wear black instead of orange.  Yeah, I get it...YOU TRY IT!!

Oh, but St. Patrick's Day (in my mind the doors of  Heaven are opening and angels are singing).  Now that's the girl's holiday! 

A day where emerald green is everywhere you look...and she rocks it!!  Her hair, her fair skin, her name, her temperament all align with the stars and shamrocks on March 17th.

Then there's James, who, on his best day, is quite picky about the most random things he wears.  Like the buttons on his shirt or the draw string on his shorts.  The size of the arm holes or the number of pockets he either does or does not have access to. 

Today, James was stressing about the green.  Apparently, when his teachers reminded the class to wear green to school on St. Patrick's Day, the instructions processed in James' head as "wear green...everybody will wear green...don't be the left out loser...wear green, only green...MUST BE ALL GREEN...HEAD TO TOE GREEN".  And, of course, I was not made aware of this ALL GREEN ultimatum until this morning...with approximately 15 minutes to finish breakfast, get dressed, get in the car, get the kids to school and to a morning meeting that started promptly in 17 minutes.  Thankfully, Eddie talked him off the ledge and he settled with his St. Patrick's Day shirt, green underwear and green socks. (As I type this, I am now stressing that he will be compelled to show off that green underwear at school.  But that's just a risk you take to survive a morning in the Foy House.)

Convincing a 4-year-old, who is adamant about wearing ALL GREEN, to wear anything else in a 2 to 5 minute window???? 
Now that's the Luck of the Irish ladies and gentlemen. 
(Well done Eddie).
 Thanks to Kids Kute Kreations for James' "Pinch Proof" shirt and Emory's Shamrock shirt with matching chevron skirt.  

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