Saturday, June 11, 2011

1 Baby Pool + 3 Water Guns + 4 Wild Boys = Quite a Stroy!
My Grandma has never been one to celebrate herself.  She prefers to doing for others and giving all her love to the rest of her family and friends.  Recently, my mom threw a party for her 79th birthday and invited the whole family.  With four boys ranging from age 9 months to 8 years and a swimming pool equipped with loaded water guns this was not a typical birthday party for your grandmother where you sit around in a fellowship hall sipping tea and eating cookies.  The only thing missing was a mechanical bull riding contest and a karaoke machine!  Here are a few pictures from her party.  What a beautiful day for an awesome lady. 
James decides he wants to get out of the pool...

His cries for help go unanswered...

He checks out the drop.  Can he make it?

Yes he can!  BABY OVERBOARD!!!

As long as I have known my Grandma Johnson, she’s never been one of those grandmas with white hair pulled back into a bun, sitting quietly with her hands crossed or knitting something.  Nope, my Grandma has soft red hair that I’ve never seen pulled back and has a Facebook account that she accesses and maintains all by herself.  Last Christmas she converted all of our old home videos from VHS to DVD then burned copies for each of us.   It was an awesome surprise and provided a first-hand account of the cohesiveness, love and utter craziness my family impressed upon me and my sister in our early, developmental years. 

My Grandma is silly yet witty, she is matter of fact yet tactful, she is opinionated yet open new ideas, she is tough yet tenderhearted, she is caring, she is clever, she is humble, she is awesome and she is anything but a typical Grandma!
Here’s to many more happy birthdays Grandma!

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